as a child i loved going to the local agricultural show and seeing the beautifully packed jars of preserved fruits and vegetables on display.  it wasn’t until much later in life that it dawned on me that the method used to preserve food could also be used to preserve other things as well

after a period of research i wrote a small book that brings together ecoprint bundling with food preservation techniques, calling also on some of the things that have been observed about textiles found in archaeological situations

you’ll find it here


i’m so excited about this process that i wanted to make a place for friends to share pictures of bundles/cloth/thread waiting patiently in jars

so i’d be delighted to receive your images and brief text describing what’s in the jar

please email them to    mail [at] indiaflint [dot] com

image sizes not more than 19cm in any direction, at 90dpi

happy preserving,


ps if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll find the book here


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