from Jane Wheeler

here’s what Jane wrote

I opened my jars a couple of weeks ago. some of the contents super smelly, so they have been hanging up in a shed, but washed them this morning, and very pleased with two (I managed to keep my hands off them for about a year 🙂 ) the others a bit dull. the citrusy yellow is habotai silk with red onions vinegar and chocolate foil wrapper, the khaki green is milky merino with blood orange, chocolate foil red wine and iron nails, the boring vest and silk jersey are detailed on the labels but not very interesting.
oranges aluminium foil and rusty nails seems an interesting way to go – I suspect the acid from the fruit is doing something with the metals, wouldn’t you think?
tulips did nothing in any of them, but there are dark marks from the pressed and dry lily flowers.
what fun!

and a few notes from me (India) speculating on what might be going on :

if the jars were smelly that indicates either they didn’t quite get hot enough OR they weren’t perfectly sealed, allowing bacteria to set up housekeeping and have a few parties

wool fabrics really do need heat in order to take up dye properly (it’s all about opening up the fibres), silk tends to be best with this process : if you use cellulose fibres then iron is an almost indispensable inclusion.

and yes, the acidity from the brew (remember vinegar is acidic) reacts with the chocolate foil (aluminium) and usually yields yellows

IMG_0334 IMG_0335 IMG_0337 lily dyed stored milky merino onion dyed silk vest

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