from Florine Vogel

Your work and books are a wonderful inspiration to me. I have been stuffing, steeping and storing lately and I’d like to share this with you. So here are some jars from the Netherlands 🙂
The have been sitting on the shelf for a little over a month now and the colours have changed quite a bit, so I’m sending two pictures. The first one was taken right after processing (jan. 24) and the second one was taken yesterday.



second picture from left to right:

1. silk fabric bundled with rose petals and -leaves, oak leaves in leftover elderberry/iron dyebath with extra elderberries and some copper coins
2. wool fabric with rose petals in leftover elderberry/iron dyebath
3. wool fabric stuffed with red cabbage and rusty nails in leftover elderberry dyebath
4. en 5. silk fabrics and fibres and some wool tops in elderberry dyebath with rusty nails

I intend to keep them stored at least untill the end of our summer, which will be quite a challenge. Also I will stuff some more soon!

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