from Suzanna Klein

Pantry, Suzanna K.

On Jan. 28, I stuffed, steeped and stored these. Left to right

1. Wool bundled with eucalyptus leaves, crocosmia, liquidamber leaves, avocado skins and marigold petals. There’s a rock in the middle and I threw a brass thing in the water with some more leaves.

2. Wool bundled with crocosmia, onion skins, marigold petals, concord grape skins and liquidamber leaves, all wrapped around a rusty nut. There are pomegranate and onion skins floating around too. It’s a big piece of wool that hopes to be a curtain.

3. Crocosmia, onion, avocado and pomegranate skins, liquidamber, eucalyptus and geranium leaves bundled in wool wrapped around a brass key. I also added an iron nail and some aluminum foil. (perhaps too many kinds of metal?)    [editor’s note : iron will override all other metals, unless the others are at the core of a bundle and thus protected]

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