from Lynn Jones

resized 2

I found a lovely off white wool skirt at a local thrift store.  It had a waist that I’d never fit into, so I deconstructed the 6 panels. Processing
them in 6 jars brought back many memories of mom’s cupboard and me peeling crates of Okanagan peaches with 2 babes crawling
around the kitchen. Much easier this time!

Jar 1 – sage, vinegar, copper ring and pennies
2 – sage, red onion skins, thin rusty strip, vinegar and ash
3 – sage, brown onion skins, rusty nails, vinegar, ash and a piece of eucalyptus bark
4 – eucalyptus leaves (tree #1) and bark, rusty metal, vinegar and ash
5 – eucalyptus leaves (tree #1), dried maple leaves, rusty bolt, vinegar and ash
6 – eucalyptus leaves (tree #2), maple leaves, mineral rock, vinegar and ash

The jars with eucalyptus got very dark, very quickly, so after 3 days I opened them as I didn’t want them to get too black.  I’m happy with how they turned out, but will be patient with the sage jars and leave them be.

What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!  Thank you for your inspiring new book.

Lynn Jones

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