from Stacy Mora



I collected in my local forest in Northern California.
Rain and wind poured yesterday and for about 2 days before
(after no rain for almost a month)
Everything was damp today:
1st can/jar in photo-
Found on ground-madrone bark, leaves from mostly black oak, matter, branches w. lichen and fungi growing on/in stick/branch and…
picked green–kitkiddizzy (Mt. Misery), manzanita berries.
Placed randomly on repurposed cotton shirt
Tied w. (vintage 30’s spool) of silk thread around the branches.
Covered w. alum water leftover from previous dye lot.
2nd can/jar(more purple)
Same plant material as above jar.
I added a few bottle caps from  beer and chocolate foil thrown in after enjoying them.
A few eucalyptus leaves(dyed light green before) picked up from garage floor/origin Coastal area.
Repurposed cotton pillow case wrapped on copper pipe.and wrapped w. (vintage)silk thread.
covered in jar w. previously used cabbage juice (used to dye a silk scarf).
(fermented/turned to ammonia? Strong-not putrid)
Boiled in double boiler/canning pot.
left to cool on window ceil….
where I photographed.

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