from Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

Canning 01
I’ve another few jars to add to your pantry if there’s room.

Left to right:

1. cotton jersey tunic sprinkled with orange peel, mint, raspberries and fireplace ash, rusty bit in the bottom, coconut mango oolong tea bath
2. silk merino jersey wrapped around a plumb bob with a green tea bag, orange peel, raspberries, ginger and water bath
3. silk merino jersey sprinkled with carrot tops and blood orange bits, wrapped around a shell fragment, red onion skins on outside, coffee bath

Next go round I’ll wet the fabric before-hand. As you can see from jars 1 & 3, the fabric soaked up a lot of the liquid. Not sure yet whether to open jar 1 to add water or to just go with the experiment and see what happens.

What fun this is! Now…where to hide these for a bit so I forget about them and let the magic work….

Thank you for sharing this process with us India. My grandmother canned, my mom still does, but I never wanted to and so never had. Wait til my mom finds out!

Enjoy! Jennifer

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw

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