from Jane Wheeler

preserve2 small-1

here are my first attempts at stuff steep and store! slight technical problems with temperature, think I need to get a cooking thermometer! so they were in their hot bath for rather a long time, and I suspect might not have got to 80C.
the squat one has old dried red amaryllis flowers (kept them because they were pretty and sculptural) wrapped in silk jersey with iron, and ancient pressed red lily flowers in the water with iron and vinegar – probably a shame about the vinegar, because it’s gone very dark …. but ….
the other has habotai silk and dark pink tulip heads wrapped up and red onion skins with chocolate bar (80%!!) foil and a bit of vinegar in the water. all rain water from the water butt. actually I lost water level in the jars, and topped up this morning with boiled water from the kettle … will check that next time before cooling. now to find a cool dark corner for storage.
preservesmall presevr1 small-1
editor’s note : it’s actually important to thoroughly seal the jars before heating…if they lose liquid then the lids aren’t secure and it’s likely the contents will ferment later. adding a rubber ring [cut from an old rubber glove] before sealing might solve that issue

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